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Hello fellow good-food lovers,

Glad you made it to my page. I wanted to make a food blog to consolidate all the tasty recipes that I have had the joy to prepare. I was inspired by the idea because I just love looking at other people’s food blogs and thought what a better way to be able to share great recipes! I have collected an assorted variety of recipes mostly from other websites. I just love the internet! Also, at our church the potlucks are usually fantastic…if you know whose food to eat. 😉  So, I have asked my friends on Facebook that have been to our potlucks whose recipes they would like to know and mixed with a bunch of my tried and true recipes, this blog was created.
I’m not trying to eliminate conversations between these ‘fans-of-your-food’ and you, actually I’m hoping quite the opposite.  We need to stop making excuses for buying boxed, already prepared food and get back in the kitchen. (I do understand if it’s quick and easy and you don’t have time, I just hope that you see it’s not that hard to put a little effort in this area.) Invite some people over and enjoy the pleasant looks on their faces at your mad cooking skills. Now, get cooking!


About believerbites

I'm a stay at home mom that knew very little about cooking and baking prior to being married a few years ago. Now, I love to be in the kitchen creating 'works of art' for your palate and sharing what I've found with whoever is interested. I'm not a fan of mushrooms, overly sweet treats, black licorice or strange cheese. My husband attributes my love for experimenting in the kitchen with my background in Biology and Chemistry. Maybe he's right (shh!), he usually is. Happy Cooking!

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  1. Jean Schwengler

    Recipes look great! I too am trying cook and eat natural ingredients. So much junk in all the packaged food out there. My daughter is now starting to cook and I’ll definitely bookmark your site for us! Also just watched Julie and Julia, again…. Love it! Looking forward to more from you!

    • Yay, thank you for looking. I hope that I continue this, I hope that it can be a ministry to those people who are so afraid of cooking because they may fail. Everyone does, just an FYI. I loved that movie then I looked up more information on that Julia…much sadder story there. Well good luck to you and lil miss A. 🙂 Hope all is well in MN!


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